Erna de Vries | I wanted to see the sun again
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About us

We introduce ourselves

In establishing Projekt Zeitlupe Inc. we have made it our business to adapt historical incidents for media and to make the results of our work available on the internet for free. We want to present history to the general public as interesting and appealing without neglecting scientific correctness.

At present we are ten history students of the University of Münster working on the project. As a project planned and designed by students we are gaining from valuable connections with university members but are yet working independently. Conveying history through media is one of the main aspects of our studies, the era of National Socialism being of our particular interest.

Meeting the German Holocaust survivor Erna de Vries in the summer of 2005 helped us to put our plans for a project of our own into practice: By her touching story we were encouraged to produce a documentary on the life of Mrs. de Vries.

Thus we are now working on our first project “Erna de Vries | I only wanted to see the sun once more”, which Mrs. de Vries has luckily agreed to support.

Projekt Zeitlupe has been an incorporated non-profit association since May 2nd, 2006.

About the project’s name:
The literal translation of “Zeitlupe” is “slow motion”, and more, it is also a play on words in German: Magnifying glasses (a “Lupe”) are employed to see specific things in an enlarged format, just as our attention is drawn towards specific moments and events in history (“Zeit” = “time”).